Thursday, December 29, 2011

vote for PNILT

Once a 13 acre pristine lake, the Puttenahalli Lake in J.P. Nagar, Bangalore shrunk and became a marshy garbage dump due to exploitation and neglect.  Starting in 2008, nearby residents campaigned to save the lake. It took them a while but they finally got the municipality (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike - BBMP) to restore the lake in 2010-11. Puttenahalli Neighbourhood Lake Improvement Trust (PNLIT) was formed in June 2010 with Usha Rajagopalan (a writer), Arathi Manay (a market researcher), Prasanna K. Vynatheya (a software architect) and O.P. Ramaswamy (a chartered engineer) as the first trustees. In May 2011, PNLIT was formally given charge by the BBMP to maintain Puttenahalli Lake. This is the first instance of a citizens' Trust being given a lake for nurturing. The nurturing project is for a period of 3 years (May 2011-2014).
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

24x7 activism is diminishing the idea of India

It’s good that pressure groups are there. It’s amazing that free media is present. It’s also interesting that debates are happening. But the demand of minute by minute coverage is taking its toll. 24x7 activism is becoming unhelpful and counterproductive. You cannot pressurise the government or the parliament on a daily basis. Unfortunately the posturing and choice of words is making positions of interest groups rigid. Also lost in the melee is the cause to contain corruption. A powerful lokpal is in nobody’s interest. The need of the hour is an effective ombudsman that complements and strengthens the function of other institutions. It’s unfortunate that instead of discussing the intricacies of the issue in a positive and constructive manner, it is reduced to warring groups; it’s become a fight of egos and protecting one’s turf. It is finally the sound bite/image for the moment that seem to matter.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

its winter time

I was reading about temperature dipping in north India, particularly in places like Mt Abu, the weather forecasters too were confirming that winter has set in. Even migrating birds were seen flocking the southern peninsula, but me was a skeptic I needed much firm indicators ….and then Amartya Sen landed. Geeeez it really is winter. What will us billion mortals be without these winter visits by saviors!!! Thank you sirji  

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Why this policy kolaveri?

A politician is necessarily a communicator. At this critical phase in our society’s development it is getting amply clear that our top policy makers seriously lack the skill of communication. At every step they seem to falter. Politician has to be honest in persuasion. They need to be humble. The present leaders in Congress seem to be lacking in significant ways. Economist as a PM doesn’t seem to be working, add to the fact that he is coming out as amazingly insensitive. If Congress is the main governing party in the coalition then they should take the responsibility.  If Rahul Gandhi is the reason for Congress’s performance in last general election then he should stand up and take control. This backdoor thing is going horribly wrong. Rahul Gandhi needs to take the responsibility of the government; we would like him to show his caliber in responsible position rather than some ‘side show’ (if they are serious about UP, then he should have stayed there for a year or so. It seems they don’t want to expose him too much but still they want to use him). One wonders these sacrifices are for what? Manmohan Singh maybe a nice man but surely is a disastrous politician. The policy paralysis can be traced to lack of skills that is required from an astute politician. He needs to go at the earliest. Get in new people kick start policy making with honest persuasive younger leaders (one was under impression that age may not be a factor but last year or two it has become clear that generation gap is getting rather acute, nor are elder leaders carrying any nuanced truth). It’s unfortunate but people have become quite skeptic of this drama that is unfolding on daily basis. Don’t know whether Congress Party realizes this: Rahul Gandhi is losing his freshness (and hope) at an alarming rate. It’s slipping away.


Saturday, December 03, 2011

I liked Dev Anand

What a guy!! This is not passing of an era but eras. His movies were quite a treat. I thought he was really a superstar, and I personally was enamored by his choice of caps. The swagger and rather exaggerated (one may call it trademark) style was fun to watch. Wholesome entertainment indeed, how much I love these. 

I recall reading some sarcastic comments by RK Narayan in his essays, though I liked his charming fiction work, I frankly thought his views on issues were regrettable and suffered from what I will call ‘Ram’s clan arrogance’ . Indeed ‘Guide’ is one of the better movies and it’s a tribute to greatness of Dev Anand. 

Popular movies are part of collective memory, and define our society in many ways. These are important reference points. And when actors like say Amir Khan or Naseerudin Shah are ready to work without even reading the script or just be part of it, speaks of nuances and fabric that defines our society, that maybe ridiculed by west (or those who are trying to copy them…I am told it’s a new wave happening!) . This blogger thinks there is ample space for movies that doesn’t need any script!! 

On a personal note: few years back I was in Kolkata, a regrettable hotel room with pathetic toilet. I had just landed in the city and raring to go out and walk around the lanes and explore the place (walking around without any specific purpose is the greatest fun, new place makes it exhilarating). It started to drizzle and I sat in the room quite upset with creeping exhaustion. While flipping TV I came across Dev Anand movie…boy wasn’t I happy. 

Ban Dow Chemicals from Olympics

Its height of irresponsibility that smacks of blatant disregard for human lives in poorer societies that Dow Chemicals is being tolerated like this. This blogger finds this hypocrisy not only obnoxious but beyond comprehension. Dow Chemicals attempts to gain credibility through mega events like Olympics despite horrific 27 years for the victims is a ludicrous attempt and the bluff should be called at the earliest. International Olympic President Jacques Rogge needs to answer. British government should decide whether the London Olympics should be marred by this issue. Sport and sportsperson shouldn’t suffer for the greed of the organisers.

Dow Chemicals is a blacklisted company and shouldn’t have anything to do with sports, or for that matter  with civilized world unless it takes the responsibility of Bhopal Tragedy, pay adequate compensation and clean up the place...

Shame on Dow Chemical. Shame on London Olympic organizers.