Thursday, September 24, 2020

Lacking common sense for common good

A society that lacks even the basic definition of engagement is incapable to handle crisis. They may show some responsibility if it becomes matter of survival otherwise they will seek to capitalize or exploit. In a hierarchal mindset people who are facing crisis are automatically valued below oneself hence fall into the matrix of exploitation (while those who get lucky make sure to showcase blessing –tawdry being the preferred mode, hence are ideal for sycophantic attention). The only tenuous possibility herein is patronizing for good omen. Being socially responsible and concerned about common good can be seen as weakness as it is against all the valuation of market success. Individuals in such beleaguered society live in constant mistrust, afflicted with prisoner’s dilemma, and are constantly in lookout for opportunity to secure themselves. With sanctum squatter’s moral vacuum spreading through family units and normalized as dealings the ethical context is absent or at the most works in the heuristic of the situation. Meanwhile effete elite are busy building narration of grandeur to awe the west (Castetva was quite sensitive on these matter so as to showcase as uber liberals –the kind the world is yet to encounter) recruited charlatans to work the narration, many have used nepotistic connections to settle in holes of West and frantically place their litters in gravy positions while emerging as local guardians, as blessed beings, to guide common Indians like gods showering petals or strike lightening as situation demands. What are the compelling reasons that made them settle in west is kept unclear. I gather these presences are automatically deemed as harbinger of competence. And for a society that is constantly seeking validation these are blessing. 

Literacy and health achievements provide a frame for humans to find their potential and function as synergic members of society that strives for excellence. Kerala model has limitations of primitive society, a limitation that Indians face. It really cannot and doesn’t have the capacity to use the opportunity. It doesn’t understand excellence nor capable to pursue it. A mindset that is deeply enmeshed in an empathetic connection to the surrounding, firmly hinged on critical valuation and inquisitiveness. It’s a framework that nurtures open minded engagement to strive for possibilities. A society churning in putrid pit is incapable to produce such mindset. Indeed cannot have basic decency of engagement that forms the basis of community. Hence cannot form the foundation, nor has any possibility, of egalitarian society.

Kerala was hailed as a model to fight covid-19. Initially Kerala did well, and the investment on social health infrastructure helped to ward of the infection. Again, not entirely unexpected, it failed to work beyond the basic. As is the case with Kerala model which plateaued during 1980s –incapacitated by humans to capitalize, so is the case of pandemic. When society was expected to play its part, when individuals were asked to show responsibility and be concerned about others, it failed miserably. There seems to no understanding of common good whatsoever. The data here shows that infection rate in Kerala is much worse than many bigger state with low literacy or health standards. The way individuals behave in society needs to be closely scrutinized to understand the spread. India is second only to US. The infection is set to rise exponentially. It can be prevented by following some basic simple rules. And that precisely is the problem. Blessed don't even have basic decency then what damn they will give about basic rules? People are aware of the mask, and how it prevents the infection, but there seem to be ego working that makes them believe that these are minor matter. Blessed as citizens of god’s own country with hundreds of temples, mosques and churches and what not –indeed waste land, there is a primal arrogance and matching sarcasm that becomes a toxic combination for pandemic to spread. Literacy is incapacitated to evolve into education as the primitive mind find solace in infighting of putrid pits that is elevated by charlatans as signs of vibrant democracy. That these are hollow engagements meant to satisfy primal urges of primitive society and only function to degrade any possibility that democracy presents, nor these have any connection with challenges of reality, is not realized. Then there is this bewilderment of blessed of not able to find the cure for virus and have to wait for the west to produce vaccine (meanwhile any link even a whiff to India is meant to be used as blessed Indians working to save humanity). There are always more than enough local “treatment” and “cures” against the virus that emerge in every street corner that is sought to cement blessed Indian’s connection to forces of universe which the world is yet to know indeed incapable to even perceive. Such is the audacity of the mediocres. This has given false sense of hope hence lackadaisical dealings in the public space, this amazing lack of responsibility towards fellow humans. Ofcourse to add, the obsessive eternal pursuit for purity without understanding basics of hygiene is defining characteristic of this society.  

Blessed narration has given hallucination of invincibility, special protection from guardian gods, hence exaggerated self worth, grandeur similar to white racist/trumpsters. They already know everything hence they needn’t know, indeed for some it is below their dignity to even read or understand about the virus. Although all the risks and details of virus, and all updates, are available on click they find it unnecessary. They could very well be living in medieval times. I am reminded of the Bergman’s The Seventh Seal where atrocities are committed to ward off spread of pandemic. They may be forgiven since they were terrified while the charlatans working the religion found victims to blame. We now live in a world that understands quite clearly what virus is and how it spreads. Attempts of anachronistic religion cannot be tolerated though politicians/market may try to humor the herd. This society lacks the foundation to take on the challenges of future. In a crucial juncture of humanity with catastrophic effects of climate change is being felt, and India is very much vulnerable, it doesn’t seem to be equipped with even basic nuances of dealing. We are looking at a scenarios where the blessed are set to abandon the unblessed as anthropogenic disasters start to hit with increasing ferocity and regularity. This seems to be a real possibility. The level of cruelty will be astounding. 

As the infection spreads it eviscerate the hallowed Kerala model as incapable and failed by humans. Only a year back these primitives were fighting to keep women out of temple (cannibalistic society is quite keen on dictating who to enter, who not to enter, what to eat, whom to eat with, where to go, where not to…) and now the same wasted temples are bereft of people due to fear of infection! Such disgraceful lives. Incorrigible bunch of buffoons incapacitated to evolve. It is precisely where India is heading. Castetva is trying to blame Hindutva, and is constantly in look out to trigger its nepotism built contact in international media to work the narration, but that is just a sham to wrest back power. It is the framework that was nurtured, undermining egalitarian value system and degrading terms of dealing, that were cemented that makes Indians incapable to fight the pandemic. A society that doesn’t even have an understanding on community cannot fathom social responsibility. Individuals nurtured in primitive values of hierarchal minds are incapable to understand common good. Pandemic has become a metaphor for cannibalism.                                         

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Death of a bee

It must be the chemical that messed with her brain
They call it pesticide, she was a pest 
She is disoriented, exhausted and lost 
She collects honey from flowers on the sidewalk 
Flowers signaling a color spectrum that only she could sense 
There are quaintly suggested landing sites, markers to nectar 
Meanwhile electrostatic pluck pollen to gift 
She flew back to hive recollecting every turn on the waggle matrix 
To do her own dance for a new template 
But today she just couldn’t as if memories were wrangled 
She flew low on the street, rested a while on the table of roadside restaurant 
The noise, the commotion she created 
They yelled and swung at her 
She still had some reflex 
Before hit by the vehicle 
She slid on the windscreen and tumbled on to the path
Convulsed in the memories of her dancing sisters  
A clockwise step and a anticlockwise sidestep to tango 
Jingle that mean move for the move     
The sun was bright and sky was blue 
And then it was all dark.

Shadow etched on stone 

8.15am Bright explosion, searing heat 
Man waiting at the steps
for the bank to open 
gets incinerated to shadow 
etched as guilt
 forever on humanity. 
Minds work for centuries
to conceive neutrons 
to strike fissile molecule 
to create miracles. 
Instead it’s the guilt 
that grows in every mind 
And try to dream 
the simple dreams that lived till 8.14am  

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Energy of whirlpool, and stagnant pit

 Nature faced the fierceness of the elements for billions of years, it strives to optimize precious energy and material use meanwhile conserve the system that sustains. Water flow is a study on natural force's algorithm of effectively working out path of least resistance. Aesthetics that channelizes life’s energy to synergize the system. Its a template for freedom while aware of the limits. Spiraling whirlpool is consciousness of nature negotiating space and time. Its a channel for consciousness of humanity to find its way. In the beginning they copied what they saw. They enjoyed replicating on the walls. Later they painted with the play of light and made the realism striking. It was appreciated. Then they evolved to paint the impression, as to how they caught the movement of the moment. Everything is in flux, there is no exact, it’s the movement. Impressionism was evolving on realism. Meanwhile society too developed as thoughts and dealing nuanced with greater subtleties of sight and insights herein. Mind found impression not enough to sustain the reality so it evolved to contain the emotion; the expression of the witness. So as the mind gained insight greater truths of the times became obvious truths hence too small to contain the emerging reality therefore became stepping stone in search the nature of things. What was once a joy of discovery lacked the nuance so they searched for the next milestone of enquiry. Meanwhile much of society too seeped in these amazing insights, ideas spread wider to consolidate into art, interactions and expressions. Society was beginning to synergize with individuals to find the balance. In the background as humans enlighten nature commune with the mind to explore, intuit and spread. The mind sought abstraction, the collapse of reality into its essential essence. The face of absurd, anxiety of nothingness and chaos was to be dealt, expressed to satisfy the soul for its momentary control. The existential horror of human life can only be depicted in abstraction of nothingness.

Form and colors were created to impact the feelings of observer. A new form of realism sought to take it to a deeper level of reckoning. Life isn’t linear nor the experience of time and space. At the quantum level life is random and abstraction is realism. Concomitantly it was natural for evolved mind to seek minimalism. Minimalism is quite the way nature functions to save energy space with multifunctional elegant forms. Ofcourse surrealism as exploring alternative reality, the bizarre and dream state of life. Then we have street art as vivid representation of Bansky as protest, as rejection. Much can be contained in abstraction, its interpretation is personal. Art as interaction. Art that responds to presence. It changes as the audience change. Free mind, the spiritual freedom, is anchored to the present and respond to the flux, dealing each question that is posed by life. The nature of question changes with the audience. It’s individual, and it is evolving with audience’s life. There cannot be any standard or prescription or reference to deal only how much the human is alive that determines the response. In this scheme there is no success or failure except lessons for survival and evolving to survive.

This not to say that incisive minds have not delved into these. Every era had its wisdom. But these never really percolated, and if ever, were isolated and limited in its impact, reduced to stray sterile mutants. But in the last few hundred years we have seen movements that tapped and consolidated these evolutions. It has much to do with faster and wider percolation of ideas. In the last decade or so this has reached a level that was never seen in human evolution. Sights of advanced world we see around is necessarily byproduct of these evolution of mind supported and nurtured by synchronizing progressive social system. Also the primitive world we see around is the glimpse of the collapse, the inability to tap in the advance. This regressive presence is a constant threat and a reminder of the cave origin and reptilian mind that resides. And when primitives use their cave man insights and reptilian logic into modern setting it can only be catastrophic. This paradox has become a threat as every philistine is given a right but no responsibility. Ideally right to vote need to be earned, or else rules of engagement stricter.  

The way we imagine the reality determines how we react to the moment, our effort, feelings and hopes. This therefore determines the future. There is a reason why highly evolved and nuanced creative expressions mostly arise from few regions of the world. It’s a comprehensive movement that touches every aspect of life from music to science, as is the way of nature these can only be interconnected and intertwined. These societies provide the framework for excellence and threshold for unique contribution as humans. In the meanwhile some societies waste and wallow in their own pity and become burden on humanity. Excellence here is matter of chance, this therefore becomes occasion to authenticate their blessed way of life. Their ideas and creative expressions dredge in mediocrity of obviousness, excitement of familiar and agreeable thoughts, circumstances and expressions devoid of nuanced sensibilities. They find profundity in recognizable and insights in primitive associations. While the world has long evolved away from realism into realm of abstraction these are stuck in mediocre, indeed cruder, versions of realism –a degraded obvious, to establish their emphatic incompetence. “The sensitive can only wince and avert their faces, blushing with a kind of vicarious shame for the whole of humanity” (Aldous Huxley). Their whole venture is to live in debasing obvious into everyday meaning of their repellent world and in odious denial of subtle. These philistines need to constantly assuage the reason for their miserable existence and validity of their obvious truths. Their art and expressions are towards this end. For instance, take the imperial loud narration of triumph of goodness (indeed truth), incompetently worked over humanistic concerns or any form of subtlety so much so this triumph becomes a metaphor for evil –for denial of evolved sensitivities. They gaudily beautify dead habits and regressive values as tradition, culture and faith to segregate humans and barricade society. Average humans find these assaults on sensibilities as their acceptable homes and set out diligently to create narrations of their miserable life quite unaware of any deeper meanings. Ofcourse with printing, and in recent times with internet, this contained isolated conception of society is waning substantially but nevertheless unless one is determined, and is actively present, to entrench to the best thoughts and idea from across the world it is possible to be stuck in stagnant pit and sucked in by cunning arbitrators. Onus is on the individual to create this space of excellence and connect to the evolved society and egalitarian frame that values human and assertion of free mind. Internet therefore provides opportunities to connect at an entirely different scale never achieved anytime in human history. In this Chekhovian delight we choose to be member of evolved humanity bravely pushing into new realms and possibilities, a spiraling alive stream of enlightening ideas finding its natural strength -life defining vital force, than putrefying putrid pit that rots in its own exaggerated worth.  

It is very likely that in foreseeable future mind face limitation of body and may seek to evolve out of human body. Also the limitation set by increasingly vociferous primitives can be overwhelming if the societies in general refuses to evolve and get trapped in insecurities and delusions of grandeur that anachronistic religions so fantastically nurture. This therefore can be reflected through elected representatives, consumer media and general atmosphere that works and authenticate regressive values. In such stagnant pit free mind stifles.         

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Idea of identity

 The idea of identity must be necessarily based on humanity. It can therefore only come out of free mind. A free mind anchored on free thoughts nurtured on egalitarian value system and evolved ideas that constantly aid human race to progress and thrive. This idea of identity respects each individual as a sentient being alive with faculties of senses and potential to connect to deeper truths which lights a responsible participant aware of his/her surrounding and implications of his/her actions. An awareness that he/she is indelible but minuscule part of ever evolving deeply connected system that sustains life. A witness, participant and creator of the reality, a comprehensively involved human who therefore isn’t trapped in narrow versions of self and is diminished by the overwhelming present (indeed the overwhelming nature of reality defines the human identity). An identity that carries all the promise of life and potential of individual. An identity that asserts liberty of soul and appreciate the freedom to associate and express the wonders of being a human.          

Any idea, system, tradition or culture that diminishes this idea of identity is therefore an assault on humanity hence must be vociferously and persistently resisted and rejected. Association based on fear, primitive insecurities and primal anxieties seeks to contain free mind and surrender the individual.  Feudal structures, entrenched power brokers, ego driven sociopathic herd controllers and world view aligned to these therefore becomes immediate threat. Identities that is sought to be chiseled out from these premises therefore tends to diminish human being, hence are meant to be manipulated. The identity of being a human is denied, and the potential herein negated. This is a tragedy of colossal scale. A diminished human being is an enthusiastic member of herd, incapable to think for himself or herself, lacking critical thinking faculties, they wait for savior meanwhile are easily manipulated. It’s the beginning of deterioration that has detrimental effect on society and severely negates humanity. Religion poses such a threat. There are posers using pointers of liberal to segregate humans while insidiously keeping them trapped in medieval setting. They, for their selfish reasons, inflated egos and wanton greed use these as pawns. They cunningly seek to authenticate these segregatory value system based on juvenile miracle driven anachronistic notions as human identity. This is a serious assault on humanity. It seeks to negate evolved thoughts and egalitarian gains of societies. It encourages regressive revivalism based on fanciful notions and seek to negate the potential that the better understood reality and insightful perspective presents. It creates herds enmeshed in fantastical ideas devoid from realities and mulishly immune to clear contrary evidences. It seeks to negate brilliant human achievements and amazing evolution of mind over the centuries. In a self-protective irony it disproves centuries of misery and assault on free minds, the extreme tribulation of logical human attempting to use their mental faculties –to assert their humanity, their identity.            

 This performative allyship of feudals, herd controllers and patronizing fattened fluffs in West using lip service to hard earned and precious liberal values is reflexive trap meant to assuage their moral angst over wanton consumption and loosing grip. It is dangerous and has the potential to substantially derail gains over the centuries. The challenges of 21st century cannot be solved by primitive frameworks nor minds working on the premise of 20th century. Human identity is precious. It has taken about two hundred thousand years of struggle to attain this identity. Any threat to thinking human is a threat to humanity itself. Any system that attempt to silence critical thinking is an attempt at soul of humanity.            

Correction: he/she doesn’t imply that gender is necessarily binary.


Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Stillness of the forest 

In between the rustling of leaves 
At the end of long intonation of cicadas calls 
Just before the hornbill wings break the afternoon 
If you still yourself 
A sincere self 
Emerge from long forgotten recess 
Beckons a strange spectacle 
Colors break free and whirl in the air 
A vital force surge through the space 
To settle the colors lightly in precise proportions 
You will be astonished where you arrived

 54.5 Degree Centigrade 

Monday, July 13, 2020

Regressive, not unexpected

In a putrid pit it is impossible for literacy to become education. Primitives in Kerala are where Indians are heading to as they become literate. It’s about deviant value system that seeks to accrue money, power and prestige. All means are for this end. It’s about showcasing blessing. Squatter scums authenticate these without any irony whatsoever as faith is thriving business meant to cannibalize people. Ego driven bunch of buffoons who have had rarely any contact with any reality live in fantastical fiction. These fictions also see intellectually challenged as the blessed entitled with insight into unknowable that the world cannot even conceive. Meanwhile the best from this region have been effectively marginalized by market driven ruffians and power controlling uncouths.

Other societies have egalitarian space in varying degree. In regions ruled by religions this space gets limited as primitive norms tends to get precedence over humane. This barren land thrive as religion tighten its control. Monster mullah and racist uncouth Christians create dead souls who move around as zombies insulated from realities. It is however cannibal caste Hindus who take it next level, a pernicious set up that deviously simulate humane world. Whether it’s US or Iran there is always creative space that brings out the best in humans despite soul numbing presence of religion and it binary poser, the market. A space for humanity and reality to work its magic. These seek common values of humanity, and evolved space to thrive. Though one must add these are being increasingly threatened. The Indian deep state is a rot that seeks to infect common people on every conceivable occasion. The Supreme Court’s decision today to uphold rights of ex-royal (not “royal family” as is being reported by market slave posing as media) over cash rich temple is deeply disturbing and against egalitarian value system. It is an attack on foundation of democracy and an assault on equality and liberty.

To start with Hindu temples are horrendous space that nurture arguably one of the most dehumanizing form of human dealing and meaningless hypocritical rituals that seeks to degrade. Like all hideous religions that still survive through ancient and medieval times stalking on human insecurities while capitalizing on miseries these have prevented evolution of mind. In the garb of faith it’s a racket that seeks to converts humans into sinister herds incapable to value human life. The temples are also space for untold riches that were mercilessly sucked from people, and as the people suffered and were dehumanized these spaces thrived by firmly aligning with and authenticating nincompoop rulers (“royals”) who were easily defeated and subjugated by invaders. With these deviant self-defeating system and zombies emerging out it is not at all surprising that the Indian contribution to humanity remains embarrassingly limited. Ofcourse there is always a counter narration conceived in putrid pit that showcase scientists and mahatmas walking the earth and guiding the humanity thus assuring the herd riveted to their special place in universe. Even today there is usual flourish in this construct. The examples of posers heading Google or Microsoft are nothing but market recruits. Creative ability, to think and conceptualize something evolved, arises out of value system that cherish excellence in every aspect of life, indeed even in what is considered as insignificant since there is nothing insignificant. The primitive thoughts of classifying insignificance comes from mindset that seeks hierarchy and categorization. Excellence is essentially deeply connected to reality, it’s about being present, hence expresses in forms that inspires evolved thoughts and nuanced expressions.

During medieval times heightened creative expressions involved people who used religion as medium (and I am quite sure there were much nuanced non/anti religious expressions that were silenced by the power structure). Even during these period much subtlety were found in non-religious expressions for the simple reason that excellence necessarily connects deeply to reality. It helped in developing nuances that responded to the reality that searched the deepest strands of life. These expresses in art, science and every aspect of life. It’s a way of life that merges with all life form. Religion denies these, and in the contemporary world the kind of awareness we have of the world around us makes religion and its expression fantastical juvenilities that can only be pitied, any other response is an insult on humanity.

SC has erred badly to grant temples to wasted feudal structure. Considering that this is a degraded society, also that the source of degradation is very much emerging from sanctum and wasted lives existing as blessed squatters without any hint of any morals. Diseased mind that is greedy of gold, silver and money. The same they have inoculated into the herd who too salivate for money and riches and see these as good omen and blessing. The deviance is much deeper. Charlatan gurus, sprout at every street corner, to trick the herd minded and use these to accumulate wealth and power. The buffoon at puttapurthi had room filled with gold and riches as he serenaded the compliable powerful seeking herd controller. Such is the despicable level to this society has fallen. Raiding temples for riches was the easiest thing to do during medieval times. And they raided routinely while the herd collected and deposited riches again to seek better blessing! Bunch of nincompoops didn’t have any means or caliber to deal with the reality, and now these are posited as characteristics of peace loving society! The same template still thrives as the country languishes at worst end of HDI as also contributing nothing substantial to world community with ever increasing population that is essentially perpetually consuming carbon units readying to be exploited.        

Agreed that state is secular (as also when communist are ruling) hence instead of handing it to state they could have attempted to create association or group of stakeholders. By presenting it to feudal remnants et al royal (whose reason for existence is dick/cunt arrangement parasiting on people, ofcourse as humble servant of god). It is a failure of society and education, it is undoubtedly failure of legal system, that produces and nurtures such judges at highest level. Those who lack historical understanding and any awareness of contemporary reality least humanist values. It’s the extension of values nurtured by castetva that consolidates hindutva. The only redemption, as always, is to create fiction of narcissistic grandness so as to keep the herds hinged so that they are happy in their misery. This wretched society has array of fantastical fiction describing itself, as “golden bird” to assuming moral authority of the world thus keep itself in collective hallucination. I am sure such grandness is an affliction of most societies around the world but atleast they have some space for excellence. The uniqueness of this society is the complete insulation from any form of excellence while striving its amazing inbred mediocrity into some likeness of grand. It’s an embarrassing venture doomed from the word go. Dustbin case.

Post script: the other day I was out on a walk. While returning I sat next to a shop that had its radio running. These are little charms of small town: the loud radio and thatched shop reeking in musky wood. Ofcourse hot tea and steaming savory would have worked well if it was not for the virus. The state run AIR was blaring carnatic music, an unusual choice wherein most people really don’t prefer these considering that these are not in local language (Malayalam) makes it an imposition. Some herd member have got used to it hence show signs of enjoyment. I, myself, find it tedious and devoid of any charm (except few renditions that are agreeable). It probably is an expression of art that doesn’t seem to touch my soul in any form. I must add the one in “Life of pi” was right there, deeply moving, probably because it was removed from its degrading context and raucous paraphernalia into something ethereal.

Radio communicates to mostly the weaker section of society hence very susceptible to manipulators. The deep state is quite active, and you can see many obvious and subtle pointers as you listen to these. Sinister section known for manipulation find these as easy venture, it can be conjectured that these have been happening for decades as castetva forces used all means to consolidate its deviant value system onto society. The speaker through the radio was earnestly elaborating an incident in malayalam. He explains the infamous doping scandal involving Ben Johnson (in 1988 Seoul Olympics described as ‘dirtiest race in history’). The depraved speaker compared this to an incident in Mahabharata (a third rate story of violence, deceit, ego driven sick people…family fighting for power and property from which herd are to scrap moral in what is essentially immoral premise. That this should have any connection with any idea of faith shows amazing level of depravity) wherein “sootputra” (son of chariot driver hence "low born") Karna participates in bow arrow competition thus breaking what was essentially the discriminatory rules. He was therefore disqualified. Believe it, this discrimination is the point of comparison to doping our speaker conceived! Imagine the kind of value system that this society nurtures, his deviant family cherish, his wasted education…conspired to produce this wonder (and he is just another proud blessed showcasing his talent as speaker in state run radio). It doesn’t end here. The intellectually challenged despicable (ofcourse nurtured by deep state) found it necessary to quote the autobiography of the disgraced athlete (I though don’t find the necessity to name it). The disgraced athlete had the audacity to redeem himself by doing “past life regression” (BS that finds favorable audience among demented Indians). The narcissist cheat fancies himself as Egyptian pharaoh while Carl Lewis (a talented and admirable legendary athlete) is the plotting villain. This BS was the essential reference for our speaker in state controlled radio, and he concludes in his characteristic expansiveness with hint of ancient Indian superiority on these matters of BS by saying “the truth is difficult to perceive”. This small anecdote defines what this society is all about. Right wing Christians and monster mullahs are easily identifiable and perceived as threat but caste cannibal Hindus are difficult to track, they though do have overwhelming presence as blessed benign overseers of world. They scout to normalize depravity under the garb of high moral. They have aligned with fattened fluffs in west, and are preeminent threat as savior.               

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Being present

Being present

Sieve the mess, take all the conversations that you hear, listen.

What it means? What it doesn’t mean? What it say? What it doesn’t say?

Listen carefully.

Like arched humans panning the creek bed in hot humid sun for days and days for few specks of gold dust, if lucky a nugget.

Search for the strand of truth.

Read whatever you can.

Choose what is passed unquestioned as culture, tradition, faith, rational, fiction and non-fiction.  

What does it means? What it doesn’t mean? What it say? What it doesn’t say?

Read carefully.

Search for the strand of truth.

Watch. Watch carefully for what is presented, and not presented.

Keep a keen sense on what is mainstreamed. What is news? What is not news?

What is entertainment? What is not entertainment? Who decides? What decides?

Watch carefully.   

Pound day in day out like miserable humans eviscerating e-waste from noxious landfill mounds for few grams of copper or brass or whatever that fetch food.

And when you find that nugget of gold, that piece of precious metal

That strand of truth

That is unique to your being on this planet.

Declare it.    

Shout, scream, yell. Louder.

Take that strand of truth

Stitch the fabric to uncover the universe.   


In the darkest of night a soul with lantern knocks

I let him in with a noiseless breach and warmest smile 

Like a comet from the sky he fires into the room with abandon gaiety

Propelled in his own delight to corners, up the cupboard and under the bed

His rear flickering the brief sight while he ponder the dark in rapid stride

Exhausted he sat on my palm ever pulsating the lively warmth

The embers setting a primal crypt that the synapse decode in blooming script

A planet of colors in faraway space, arranged in patterns and waves of shifting shades      

At the border

So they stand facing each on the rugged mountains

With stones and sticks, fists and barbed hate

They squint to get a clear view of the enemy

Unaccustomed like lost spirits in the whistling night

They grope in the hypoxic air of the altered world

To find their own shadows fighting its own survival

In the barren land of imaginary lines

Devoid of reason, and love.  


Thursday, June 11, 2020

The thuggery of history

I happen to see this video this morning in which a British white man standing in front of Churchill’s statue admonishes those who were tarnishing it by scribbling racist. He says if it wasn’t for Churchill it would be Nazis ruling. This brings into light an important aspect related to controlling the narration and presenting a benign patronizing history with chosen protagonists as saviors without whom the world would be hell hole indeed bereft of morals and that is: if history didn’t happen the way we think it did then we were doomed. This ofcourse is problematic, and these are people appropriated by the system to protect itself. Facts would help. Churchill was an unabashed racist. If he was being ‘practical’ in the context of time then it is workable but if he is being projected as carrier of high morals then he will be demolished and smithered into pieces. Second fact is that he represented a colonial nation, necessarily racist, despite the counter narrations as benign force of goodness occupying to civilize people. Indeed native feudals in the occupied countries who benefited from the exploitative arrangement and were conduit and facilitators created narrations of colonial benevolence. Third fact is to demolish projection of history into future. There is a devious attempt to seep in narration through fear of unknown. This must be resisted. If Churchill wasn’t there somebody else would be there, and that somebody else would be equally racist or may be not. If he or she wasn’t racist and firmly took stand against colonialism then there is something to admire. Further, what if Nazis won? It also is very much conceivable that as they would have collapsed in their own weight or local would have arranged resistance to weaken or that Nazis would have split in an ensuing fratricide or resistance within. Anything can be speculated or even logically extended.

This dominant assertion of history that without a chosen racist representing a colonial nation the world was doomed is sickening, indeed laughable if it were not for the hold of the history that normalize and valorize these. This victory of allies that is celebrated as historical victory against forces of evil is also problematic. During 1940s US was viciously racist nation where blacks had no rights while USSR was ruled by Stalin –a brutal dictator known to have executed and incarcerated millions of people. Britain was to hold colonies for few more decades. If it was question of defeating bigger evil this estimation of bigger is from the stand point of historical convenience. Who decides what is the biggest threat? What is immediate is always the biggest threat. For Indians it was colonizers (and native casteist feudals stampeding for power), for blacks in US it was white racist Americans, for exploited Russians it was the state agencies controlled by dictator. Britain left the Indian subcontinent with arguably one of the worst human tragedies, millions were killed, maimed and displaced. Most of the contemporary problems around the world can be traced to colonialism. There are word defecators, gainfully recruited by feudal state controlled by coterie who profited from colonialism, who despicably argue that if colonialism wasn’t there India as country would be not be existing (there wouldn’t even be administration, or hold your breath, railways!). It is possible India would be smaller countries. So what’s wrong? It is also possible that India would be a much bigger country. So what is wrong? The point here is speculation cannot be justification for past, nor can it be reason to allow the control of history. What is much saddening is the settlers from erstwhile colonial nations in Britain who are appropriated as representing the example of benign narration of history. It also extends to contemporary set up to add inclusiveness and multicultural.           

Colonizers have morphed into civilized nations, and it is good to evolve, but this attempt at controlling history to create narration of civilized into past will be resisted. Repressed histories will find its way out. Scribbling of racist onto statue of racist is part of that assertion. British PM (direct beneficiary of colonialism, and characteristically represents all the entitled buffoonery) may spew his bile on this “subverted by thuggery”. Ironical, the word thug got into English from Hindi. The word finds its origin from “organized gang professional robbers and murderers”. If history was written to represent the truth then the word used would not be thuggery but britishery. Subverted by britishery. That is how history is written.

The audacity to play high morals.

(Painting herein is Paul Klee’s Angelus Novus (1920) from where philosopher Walter Benjamin’s derived ‘angel of history’)

Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Creating history. Wrenching the narration.

History is not attacked. History is created by wrenching the narration from those who seek to control past. From those who use brutal narrative powers of past to hide the memories from the present. Those who seek to alter memories of atrocities in the memoirs of nonviolence and trophies of tolerance. Entitlements of atrocities is presented as benign version to fatten on misery. There comes an occasion when reality is excavated and flagged by dislodging the statues of horror and stamping the semantics into forgotten meaning. There comes an occasion when reality is forced to be pushed down the throats as a lifesaving tonic against illusions.

What is happening in the streets of US and UK (as also in the campus of Ghana few years back) is the expression of people who have been oppressed for too long, who have been forced to adhere to normalized narrations of atrocities as history while hideous protagonists celebrated and pedestaled. There is no reason why these symbols of racism (and caste) should exist. The reason why they exist point to tacit acceptance by powerful controller of narration, an attempt to put common people in their place. It is also opportunist benefit from the system by playing for the entrenched values. That this obnoxious slave trader’s statue find a place in public space is gross, an insult on the memories of people who underwent unimaginable horror. These presence shows moral vacuum and inability to be even decent to the memories. Manipulative fattened fluffs who manufacture high moral angst by playing local guardians to herds (the worst the better) are very much complicit. These lazy patronizers look easy references to latch on for gains. They adhere to feudal structure, and work out their increment gains by normalizing these while pointing to save the different “other” (the more the “other” plays different, indeed uncivilized regressive, better chance that they be herded into narration of benefit). The elite section who vehemently and vociferously position as liberals on every passing occasion are very much complicit. These kind of symbols of horror wouldn’t exist in public space if they valued people, if they were concerned about their pain. They celebrated festering wounds of discriminated, marginalized and exploited as representation of their reality and even have the audacity to patronize these as their benevolence. The way colonial feudal legacy is being presented in UK is a study on how barbarism is sophisticated into the garb of democracy. Monarchy is being humored as royals. It is the same structure that orchestrated colonial loot and atrocities all across the world. They nourished native nincompoops who promptly created narration of colonial benevolence as history. They also meanwhile worked to replace their own horror in the garb of democracy. 

History is always rewritten. History as continuous narration of war, megalomaniac kings and kingdoms and destruction, as a source of revivalism to assert herds into religions and a space of jingoistic fiction to work herds into nation, is creating much problems.  The apt version is the one that create understanding as part of humanity as also create a sense of humbleness and unique fortune as member of humanity. It’s the democratization of history. It’s essentially the beginning of history. It is being written by people. With their own hand. Their own version in social media without any need for any arbitrators. It can no longer be ignored.         

Monday, June 08, 2020

Evolving a humanistic language game

So the popular illustration goes like this: What if lion learn to speak English, will you understand him? Wittgenstein, a prominent philosopher of 20th century, says I cannot understand the lion’s language because I don’t understand what his world is like. To imagine a language is to imagine a form of life. Language has natural setting of interrelations that form the language game. You have to be an insider to understand this game, or shall we say the nuance.    

The earlier Wittgenstein proposed that we cannot talk anything meaningful about religion since these are something that is unsaid like moral, good, so on that the use of language are meaningless noise. The later Wittgenstein gave space to religion, and was no longer dismissive of religious talks. He sought to understand the language game in religious context to describe what role does this play in people’s life? This is the point of reference. He insists that religious language game is different from scientific language game hence these shouldn’t be mixed and used as judgment specifically by scientific over religious. Sure, the way language is used in religious context has different connotation but words do belong to the ‘same family’ hence there is an umbilical link that connects despite these negations.  

I reckon we can easily propose, extending the same line of argument, that there is as humans evolve and enlighten an understanding of shared humanist language game. A collective alliance of higher thoughts for instance like democracy, liberty and freedom. This therefore becomes overarching parameter and the basis of evaluation. So this attempt at mystifying religion into some other realm must be checked and negated. Every system that impacts human and seek to control must be demystified and deconstructed. It must be scrutinized and not be allowed to be reduced to problems of semantics. Primitive anachronistic system that create regressive mindset, segregate humans and isolate them from reality and surrounding with juvenile conceptions feeding on insecurities should not be allowed to be mystified, to dehumanize. This kind of special consideration to the system that is having serious impact on humanity because we may not understand its context is a dangerous position especially in the contemporary world we live in. It is diminishing the capacity to think as also negating possibility to evolve into better. It is a source of degradation as also uniquely irresponsible. It suits the purpose of status quoist and exploiters. We have to keep evolving to use humanistic language game as a parameter of reference for any transgression of freedom and liberty.

It no surprise that Wittgenstein found quite a receptive audience in Britain that seeks to preserve feudal systems like monarchy (in the western euphemism of royal) as also its religion-church as part of democracy. The impasse that UK finds itself in during this pandemic has very much to do with these compromised foundation. It is also not surprising that mediocre Indians latch on to it since they hinge their high morals by mystifying putrid pit (it ofcourse works with colonial angst suffering fattened fluffs ready to patronize lowest denominator –that in itself is extension of racism). For mediocre Indians with limited philosophical tradition (juvenile conception within the mainstream squatter frame are embarrassment that is being constructed as Indian philosophy –absolute waste of time and energy except maybe for the likes of intellectually compromised word defecators. What is relevant, indeed refreshing and humbling, in Indian philosophy is found outside the putrid pit. This is vibrant philosophical-spiritual-social space that traces from Buddha to Nanak to Kabir to all the enlightened saints that in recent times have been severely undermined by castetva forces, indeed desecrated with manipulation of casteist as mahatma –it’s a serious transgression on ideas of enlightenment) mystification was easy way to present itself as exotic. I seriously object to including squatter ensconced juvenile wastrel thoughts and packing it as eastern philosophy. Much enlightened thoughts have come from East Asia. It cannot be mixed and mystified with squatter’s BS. One may argue that other societies from where compelling philosophies have emerged had slavery, colonialism, racism and misogynism so on. Ofcourse it is disturbing to know that beloved Greek philosophers had no problem with slaves or that Kant was racist. Not trying to condone but these were atleast based on physical demarcation, some objective facts, people who were outsiders-defeated soldiers, race or even gender, but caste (extending to casteism –that is cunningly sought to be separated from caste and normalized) is unlike this -as also it is sought to be normalized making it a grievous matter. It finds difference among similar people, living in same society and deviously seeks through insecurities of faith. This makes it a worst inhuman conception that creates a cannibalistic society that seeks lowest reference for the best ideas. A mediocrity thriving society that really haven’t contributed much to humanity except population as cheap labor -a modern form of slavery. The casteist feudal deep state nurtures replicators. Rare instance of smart sensitive people, especially children, are easily cannibalized by the society if not by the family itself. Such is the level of degradation this society has achieved (now you see spewing garbage by youngsters in social media, the worst kind that only religions and market have capacity to produce) but the constant self-assurance as god’s chosen one’s –the incorrigible psychosis of entitlement, is what makes it dangerous.                

Wittgenstein, like Marx, is excitingly insightful and helps us understand the reality better but these arguments are flawed in many ways. There is nothing wrong in intellectualizing (this particularly true in frivolous nature of world we live in wherein the market onslaught posits thinking as waste) indeed it is needed. Where one completely agree with Wittgenstein is the assertion that language cannot be taken for granted. Though he was working in different context (structure of the language is defining the world) but it cannot be denied that language is source of control, it is used to control narration. The reality, history and even future is sought to be controlled through clever use of language and power. Market, religion and politicians -dictators have but used language to control.  Semantics is part of the narration, it is very much the agent of control.     

Philosophers, over the centuries, who have contributed and extended human thinking and thoughts have immensely contributed to evolution of mind therefore the way we associate with the world in heightened responsibility and freedom. All the modern values and progressive thoughts have insights and contribution from enlightened thinkers. Yes one would agree with Arendt for active thinkers, those who engage with emerging reality and threats, and provide compelling humanistic alternatives and insightfully reveal human nature. Wittgenstein is very 20th century philosopher, and he better stay there. There is truly nothing for him in 21st century. This is the age of Spinoza. As Einstein wrote, he believed in “Spinoza’s God –who reveals himself in the lawful harmony of the world, not in a God who concerns himself with the fate and the doings of mankind”. This calls for an evolved language game that doesn’t seek to mystify but encourage inquisitiveness and engagement. 

PS: unfortunately I got diverted by religion. The original reason to put in Wittgenstein was to bring out the point that when West deals with complicated societies like India (where things are not as apparent as it seems) they tend to be complacent. They borrow words and associate with their own context but it is from a different language game that has its own nuance. Wittgenstein was quite prescient here (again that doesn’t mean it cannot be understood nor it must be mystified, nor that one can completely agree with him). Casteist feudals therefore used words like say nonviolent and vegetarian which in western perception comes out egalitarian but in Indian context extremely disturbing. This different language game (as also patronizing low expectation that fails to get involved…indeed racist) is the reason why there is confusion. What cannot be accepted find acceptance because it is mystified, and there is no attempt made to demystify since it thought to be different alien language game beyond our means to comprehend. This has led to increasing misery as also normalization of worst forms of human dealing. Indeed west owes (particularly Britain) an apology for nurturing worst kind of people and systems. Also, I do admire Wittgenstein but his subtleties seem to have given space to religion to firm itself (I even happen to watch a video of preacher introducing Wittgenstein). This really cannot be a reference for challenges of 21st century. It must be understood, thanked for the insight, and firmly rejected.      

Friday, June 05, 2020

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Walk on the beach. Murky sea merges in the horizon to define itself from the overcast sky as the wary dog watch. Magical.  

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Termite alates

Found this on the morning walk. Scores of shedded wings of termite alates in an overnight rain puddle.


Tuesday, May 12, 2020


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Pandemic poem

On the dot in the galaxy
Dot on the earth
A dot in the mucous  
Simple logic that define different scales and leaves gasping breath
A consciousness that finds atoms to arrange a deeper thought
From the depth of the ocean like a humpback whale call
So it conjures all the stories again
By feeding on shifting silvery shapes 
So it goes on   

Monday, May 04, 2020

Neo-liberal strategy

Delhi is seriously afflicted with corona virus. Everyday there are hundreds of cases. The situation is grim. So when the CM says "We will have to be ready to live with corona virus. We will have to get used to it". What does it really mean? The congested part of the Delhi is inhabited by the poorest and lower middle class, and these are substantial in population. There really cannot be any concept of social distancing in such places, think of single brick multi-storied hellholes in Pahar ganj, karol bagh, madangiri, east of kailash so on. These sections of society doesn't really have access to better medical facility, hygiene conditions too are limiting, as the cases are mounting they will find themselves in dire situation. People are mostly careless and lack civic sense. Its a jungle out there that checks your fitness to survive at every instance. They live in congested places, they travel in congested places, they die in congested places...there really is no escaping. Its fate at every step.  

So when it is said "learn to live with it" what it really means is that substantial number of people are going to get infected and many are going to die, its inevitable (depends on your luck ie fate, and in certain places it runs too thin). There is very likelihood that Delhi CM's strategy will be copied by most CMs (CM of Andhra -who hinges his popularity firmly on slave morality, instead of sticking to facts did a Trump by saying "its just a flue"!). It is the easiest way out, significantly it keeps the powerful section that control the system happy as we go back to "normal" ways while zombies are habituated to blame their fate. It can easily be understood by the way Trump is working. You will rarely see such carelessness in civilized sections in Europe or caring societies around the world or even educated society will not tolerate such wanton transgression (I really don't think CM of Kerala can make such statements and get away with it. There will be serious consequences). There is no cure to this pandemic. Vaccine will take time. Many people are able to recover but many are not. What impact does it have on long term health of those who have recovered is also not yet known. Community immunity means lots of people's life is going to be compromised, and in a malnourished poor society this is going to be substantial and very definitely going to be from less blessed sections. This society suffers from serious systemic biases and ethical ambiguity so when push comes to shove things will be quite ugly. Arguably economics is a concern, there is serious breakdown happening and this could lead to social repercussions and strife. Policy makers are acutely aware of this. But that doesn't really mean that we have to learn to live with it. It leads to lackadaisical ways in a society famously known for its lackadaisical attitude. Hopefully stringent measures are vigorously pursued to contain the impact. Situation is closely monitored through health workers and local volunteers, and areas isolated on continuous basis. We have seen enough videos of Iran, Italy, USA and China of people dying on the streets, hospitals overcrowded (patients lying on the corridor unattended, bodies dumped in rooms, mass graves dug) and other horrifying scenes. Livelihood is important but that is not the reason to take neo-liberal strategies that puts humans at lower rug of the deal while the moneybags influence the policy makers. If it goes to community spread (which probably it has in Delhi, hence this defeatist attitude) then we are looking at a wave of untold misery compounding the economic crisis. People will then be living with possibility of death at every step. Hopefully policy makers are fully aware, and are equipped to take judicious decisions. Most importantly they know what they are talking about, and not jostling to posture as saviors. Squatter ensconced have such problems, they have incorrigible urge to showcase blessedness.     

Sunday, May 03, 2020



It spirals and dizzy the mind
Tracing graph of expanding minutes into inevitable
Striding the days in escalating vortex that expands and expands
Into infinite  
Is it pulling in or is it pushing out you never know
It throbs and churns like a mobius snare in the subconscious 
no end, no beginning  
It settles on silent days to blooming hibiscus rushing in the breeze
Sneaks at purple-rumped sunbird’s rap on the window pane
It’s curved beak shaping the time at its leisure.

The thought splinters to search million nooks
A brilliant flash coalesce the space onto the edge of time
An instant awareness
Sets things in place
It was so obvious 
(shucks I knew it all the while!)  
If you know you can’t tell, if you tell you won’t know
If you choose, it disappears, if you ignore, it appears
Like fireflies it knows when to flicker to synchronize the dance.      

Friday, May 01, 2020

Life, paused
Blue carpet of flowers settle like a mist
A faint heave of breeze rise without a hint
Floats into the deep wood
Seeks a new home in dark recess
Listen to the muted sobs that trails the scene.
And yet, the final tug.
The final tug
Pleads to begin it all to the better times.

Tiny lanterns on paddy fronds
Light up the morning scene
Like awakened eyes
Splitting the air in rainbow swirls.
Butterfly chose some
Rest is all green